BREAKING: Duran Duran launches

In a fitting finale for the DLD12’s long list of talks in the Maxsaal, John Taylor of Duran Duran offered a highly entertaining and interesting conversation with the New York Times’ Nick Bilton and Josette Melchor of GAFFTA.

The talk was lighthearted, oozing with atmosphere, and circled around both the past, present and future of the iconic band.

Speaking about innovative ways of reaching out to audiences - like Duran Duran’s legendary music videos and their YouTube afterlife - Taylor again and again emphasized the importance of being creative when it comes to a loyal audience. 

"We always look out for new ways to deliver our music," Taylor said

He did, however, admit to have an affinity for old-school vinyl. 

"I’ve gone back to original vinyl," Taylor said. "My vinyl collection is my wine cellar."

Nonetheless, the rise of technology cannot be stopped, he continued, pointing to iTunes as an example of how this prompts positive outcomes for artists and fans alike. 

"I do like the way iTunes has changed the listening options," he said. " And I love the iPod shuffle function."

An avid Twitterer, Taylor is all about engaging with fans in new and innovative ways. 

This led his associate to use the occasion to announce the premier of Duran Duran’s latest project:

Here Right Now is a data visualization project, based on input from fans and inspired by Duran Duran’s latest album “All You Need is Now”.

Through the website, fans are prompted to upload impression of their needs and views by using simple generic keywords. The result is a mosaic of interconnectedness from creative Duran Duran fans from around the globe.

"There is a lot of power in our fans having connectivity," Taylor said about the project.

"We felt an energy we hadn’t felt since the early ages. This is a way of rediscovering this relationship."

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